Hacking a motion sensor

The purpose of a motion sensor for a haunt is to detect motion and trigger something.  Sending the trigger to an "Event Control Timer" is necessary to control the duration of sensing and triggering of the prop.

box.jpg This is the motion sensor that is being hacked.  There might be others that have the same insides but I don't know.
If you attempt this, it is at your own risk.  I am just showing you how I did it and if you want to do it, it is up to you.
I assume no responsibilities for your actions.
backside.jpg unitfrombox.jpg This is just a shot of the front and back of the unit when taken out of the box.
sensorremoved.jpg This is the sensor unit as removed from the face plate.
 sensorcoverremoved.jpg This is the sensor unit uncovered.
circuitboardexposed.jpg The component side of the circuit board.
ground.jpg Spray painting the unit black.
paintedunit.jpg With a Narrow piece of electrical tape over the center of the motion detector, paint the front and remove the tape.
This narrows the sensing beam.
severedland.jpg severedlandcloseup.jpg My faithful razor knife.


Cut the red wire flush, it is not needed. 
With a razor knife cut the land and scrape away the solder as shown.


sensorwiressoldered.jpg Solder a 1 foot length of wire as shown.  I used some old stranded speaker wire.
 soldered.jpg The soldering  inside is complete.
 routingwires.jpg Routing the wires.  Pull the black and white wires through to the component side.  Route the soldered wire to the component side.  Come to think about it those wires can go through the holes left by the black and white wires for a neater installation.
The Green ground wire is routed from the mounting plate through the sensor and out with the black and white wires.  These 3 wires will be connected to a standard grounded plug.
The Barrier strip is connected via a nut and bolt to the back of the sensor.  Then the soldered wires (which are the motion trigger wires) are connected to the terminals.
The triggering wires are connected to the opposite side and will go to a "Event Control Timer" or anything you want to trigger closure of the motion sensor.
More info on a FLEX ECT here: http://hauntmasterproducts.com/9.html
And here for a COMBO FLEX ECT:  http://hauntmasterproducts.com/15.html  This unit has PIR built in.
barrierstrip.jpg barrierstripcut.jpg Pick up a 12 Position Barrier strip.  Radio Shack part #274-680 and cut off a section as shown.

When most people hear the word 'hacking' they probably think of hackers of computer software. Some software, such as CMMS software for building maintenance, is not as likely to be a target of hackers as other password protected software. Choosing complex passwords and regularly changing passwords for CMMS software and all other applications will help protect against computer hackers.