On March 25th 2011

I went shopping a few hours prior to my shift at the pharmacy I had worked in for years. While at my favorite department store all of a sudden I started to trip consistently with my right leg, strange I thought? Within minutes my right arm hung at my side like dead weight, My vision then blurred out to a point that I could not focus further than a inch in front of me, My face went numb as if someone had placed a sheet of paper directly down the middle of my face cutting off feeling completely to one side. Did I just have a stroke? Iím 21 weeks pregnant! Is my baby okay? Something is very wrong. Those were some of the many things that ran trough my head within that 5 minute time span. After arriving at the emergency room with my mother and then 23 month old daughter in tow in was taken back for a MRI by a very nice man, I wish I could remember his name. We spoke a little prior to the exam and also chatted during the 45 minute long test. Now looking back on it I know why about 20 minutes into the test his demeanor changed, Why he seemed saddened. When I came out of the MRI this same man took my hand said good luck to you and your child with watery eyes. I remember thinking wow he looks tired. Within 20 minutes my entire world changed. The attending emergency room physician came in to room and those words came out. You have multiple sclerosis. Armed with a stack of papers explaining what multiple sclerosis was and a machine to pump me with steroids he seemed calm and collected as I broke down. This isnít fixable? How did this happen? Iím only 23 years old! Why me? Why? The day of March 25th 2011 is a day that constantly replays in my head. It will forever be the day I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

After years of battling this horrible disease I have lost most of my ability to walk unassisted or even write my name. Caring for my two very young children is very difficult. I am raising funds to help with the overwhelming cost of seeking a treatment to stop the progression of my multiple sclerosis. I will be traveling back and forth to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois for a bone marrow and stem cell transplant over the next few months. Donations are greatly appreciated as I face a huge expense from travel and medical expenses to help me get better. Every penny counts! Thank you for your support!

You can follow me through my transplant at

Please view my petition asking The National Multiple Sclerosis Society to please share the information about this treatment to others suffering with a autoimmune disease