Creating a Greener Home

Although it seems as if natural resources are in infinite supply on Earth, in reality, there are limits to what we can safely consume. The reckless consumption of finite resources leads to waste and results in the pollution of our water and air. To ensure that future generations have plentiful access to food, energy, and the resources we need to survive and enjoy a comfortable standard of living, individuals and society at large need to adopt a greener lifestyle. This means reducing the overall consumption of energy and water and increasing the efficiency of resource usage so that less is needed to achieve the same standard of living. Recycling of used materials is also essential because it reduces the need for landfills that pollute the air, water, and soil, and it means fewer resources need to be extracted from the Earth. This, in turn, reduces not only pollution, but also the energy needed to make more resources. Renewable energy, such as solar power, enables the clean production of energy by using the sun instead of generating pollution by burning the world's limited supply of fossil fuels.

Home Improvement and Child-Oriented Links

Read about water conservation, recycling and other green-related subjects at the Manitowoc city website.

Helpful Links for Home Repair and Homework

The West Ellis Public Library has a list of links related to science, the environment, children's health, and other subjects on this page. To the right side are links to answers for frequently asked questions.

Finding Out About Home Improvement and Recycling

The Fareham Borough Council presents links to information about waste prevention through recycling on their Young Recyclers web page. They also have additional information about council tax issues, housing, parking, traffic, and other subjects.

Welcome to Robinson's World!

Scientific topics are the theme of this page on the Olde Towne Middle School website. Visitors will find links to information about the periodic table of the elements, physics, biology, chemistry, and other science-related subjects.

A List Of Resources: References, Games, Books, Home Repair, And Other Sites

Visit the Joan Styve website for a long list of links about alcohol rehabilitation, recycling, managing one's home carbon footprint, conservation, and various other subjects.

Water Reclamation Facility

The City of Stuart, Florida recently transformed their water treatment plant into a water reclamation facility. This public utility page has information about reclaimed water and why reusing water is necessary for conservation.

Links to Some of Our Friends

The Foundation for Sustainable Living is an organization that seeks to raise awareness about sustainable agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, and other related subjects. People who are interested in learning about going green will find useful information via links on this page.

Home Improvement and Environment-Related Sites

Go to the Go Green Communications website for a list of links about the environment. It covers subjects like recycling, news, sustainable lifestyles, and Bulgarian companies that are involved in waste disposal.

Green Homes

Learn about what makes a home green on the Avalar Real Estate Services website. There is also a YouTube video about the National Association of Realtors Green Designation Core course on the page.

Eco-Friendly and Home Repair Resources

The Illinois Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council offers visitors information about environmentally friendly construction standards. It contains a list of related government links regarding energy efficiency, green standards, as well as related organizations worldwide.

DIY Eco-Friendly Home Repair

Tips for eco-friendly home remodeling is the topic of this article on the It Takes Time website. The page also has information about natural living, recipes and natural health via links at the top.

Three Affordable Home Improvement Projects to Make Your House More Efficient

Visit the Private Landowner Network to learn about home improvements that can cut improve your home's water and energy conservation. It talks about low-flow toilets, solar panels, and energy-efficient doors and windows.

Five Tips for Making Your Home Eco-Friendly on a Budget

Go here to read about some ways a homeowner can reduce their home's negative environmental impact without costing a lot of money. Changing bulbs, letting in sunlight to create warmth and sealing cracks around windows are some of the tips that this article offers.

5 Questions You Should Have About Elon Musk's New Solar Roofs

Popular Science Magazine has an article about photovoltaic cell technology built into rooftop slate tiles. It talks about concerns that homeowners should have about these tiles.

Looking Beyond the Job: Integrating the Upsell

SRS Distribution offers advice in this article on how roofing contractors can convince homeowners to agree to more profitable add-ons for home repair jobs.

Carpentry, Electrical & HVAC Classes

Get information about contractor-related training at Delaware County Community College. This page offers class schedules and information about carpentry, electrical and HVAC trades.

Illinois' Real Estate Market Is Regaining Some Lost Ground

The real estate market recovery is the subject of this article on the University of Illinois Springfield website. It talks about how home sales and sale prices have improved, and links to charts and more statistics are available on the right side of the page.

Home Improvements and Repairs

Get advice on what homeowners should know about hiring home improvement and repair contractors in the Georgia Department of Law's Consumer Protection Unit website.

ENERGY STAR for Existing Multifamily Housing

The Energy Star government website provides information about energy efficiency-oriented improvements for apartments and other properties on their multifamily housing portal. There are a large number of links to related resources here, and visitors will find on the left side more links about saving energy, financing, and other subjects.

Resources: Home Improvement

This page by the Portland Community College has a small list of links related to hardwood floors and home design.

Home Improvement Programs

Visit the city of Auburn, Maine's neighborhoods website for details concerning their financial aid programs for home improvements. Readers will find information about their Homeowner Rehab, Spot Rehab, Residential Rehabilitation, and Demolition programs.

Good News for Homeowners Seeking a "Trusted Friend" in Home Improvement

Two entrepreneurs at Carnegie Mellon University developed a website and mobile application system for homeowners to propose home improvement projects for contractors to bid on. This Silicon Valley news article discusses their startup company, Friend Trusted, how it started and how the application works.

Residential Remodeling and Design

Hennepin Technical College offers information about their remodeling and design course for those who are interested in an Associates in Applied Science degree. It gives an overview of the classes, information about potential career opportunities, and it discusses what students are expected to learn.

Home Improvement Courses

Go here to find out what home improvement-related courses are offered at Idaho State University.

Home Improvement Workshops

Home improvement advice is available at the Spring Home Improvement Workshops & Vendor Fair in Shoreline, Washington. Interested visitors can fill out a form on this page to receive guidance for their project. They will need to provide their name, address and a description of the project in question.

Find a Home Improvement Lender

This link opens to a page that redirects to another lender search resource.

DIY - Home Improvement and Projects

Learn about do-it-yourself home improvement in these courses by Central Piedmont Community College. Classes include how to build a chair, decorating, tiles, bricklaying, and the use of tools.

Home Improvement Information

Get tips on how to hire and work with a contractor on the Utah Department of Commerce's Consumer Information page. It also talks about the types of contractors that homeowners should avoid doing business with.

Residents - Home Improvement

Visit this page by the Universal City website to read a brief article about permits needed for home improvement projects.

Home Improvement Articles & Databases

Go to the Galileo Library website for links to home improvement-related eBooks and articles.